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r b Phyton Therapy Shampoo

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r&b Phyton Therapy Olive Acid Shampoo

Mild washing effect and clinic shampoo with olive oil

- Supply Vitamin and prevent scalp from dandruff

- Aroma effect with phtytoncid water and lavender, reduce perm odor
- pH=5.5 
- 1000ml  / 450ml / 250ml

r&b Phyton Therapy Collagen Shampoo


- Deep cleansing effect and moisture  shampoo
- Clean and protect scalp with rice protein and collagen
- Aroma effect with phytoncide water and reduce perm odor
- 100ml


r&b Phyton Therapy Peppermint Cool Shampoo

-Aroma effect with peppermint and scalp massage

-Healthy shampoo which give fresh feeling to scalp
-Supply phytoncide water and keratin PPT for hair tranquilize scalp
-1,000ml / 450ml
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r-b Phyton Therapy Shampoo

r-b Phyton Therapy Shampoo

r-b Phyton Therapy Shampoo